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The Plight of the Small Business in the Modern World

We live in an age of privilege. Some might say too much privilege. Everything is at our fingertips. Everything is available instantly, or on demand, or whatever the latest terminology is for those who simply cannot wait. In other words, the kinds of people who need something (and usually everything) yesterday. For anyone who hasRead More

What Are The Requirements For Truck Driving in Victoria?

In Victoria, you are able to gain a Probationary Drivers licence for domestic vehicles when you are 18 years old. However, the rules are different if you want to drive a heavy vehicle. Most trucks are classified as heavy vehicles that exceed 4.5 tonnes, and licenses to drive them are issued by VicRoads in fiveRead More

What GST means for your business

To those who are just starting out their business, congratulations on taking that first step. The commercial environment can be a complicated one and you will need to have a firmer grip on the regulations businesses as your business continues to grow. Once you have registered your Tax File Number (TFN), and Australian Business NumberRead More

Wedding Venue in Mornington Peninsula

It’s nearly six months till our wedding and the stress is really starting to set in. My fiancé’s mother has some seriously strong opinions about it, especially about the venue of all things! As most of you already know I have wanted a beach wedding since I was a little girl, but his mother isRead More

Dry Fortified Wine

We can all become pretty stuck in our views. Our minds can stay closed off to anything that challenges these views and we ourselves deny even the idea that these views could change. I always knew this was true in theory, but in reality, like many people, I simply thought my opinions were the rightRead More

Writing A Eulogy For A Funeral

Saying the last goodbye to a loved one is never an easy task – and now you have the responsibility of sharing a eulogy with other surviving family and friends. You can spend up to a lifetime knowing a person and whether you lived with the person or saw them occasionally; he or she wouldRead More