Wedding Venue in Mornington Peninsula

It’s nearly six months till our wedding and the stress is really starting to set in. My fiancé’s mother has some seriously strong opinions about it, especially about the venue of all things! As most of you already know I have wanted a beach wedding since I was a little girl, but his mother is quite the traditionalist, and had started to insist a few weeks ago that we pick a church, saying that there was no other place we could possibly get married in. She even went so far as to say that a beach wedding would be crass and inelegant! Of course, that hurt, but what can I do, she’s my fiancé’s mum. Well, I’ll tell you what I did; I compromised.

It’s the best piece of advice I have ever received; compromise is key to a smooth and happy wedding. In this case, it was about finding the middle ground between a beach wedding and a church one. In the end, we decided on a Mornington Peninsula winery wedding venue. Somehow, this toed the line of traditional enough for my soon to be mother in law as well as having the slightly more casual aspect of being an alternative to a church. In all honesty I’m just ecstatic that one more thing is ticked off the to do list, and that for now at least, my fiancé’s mother is satisfied.

When I started looking into vineyard wedding locations, it was important to me that they were along the Mornington Peninsula, with my grandmother having lived there for nearly her whole life, and my mum growing up there, I really had that family connection to the area, and I knew it would be perfect for my wedding, if only I could find an available venue!

So I called and called down the list of Mornington Peninsula wedding venues, and it was not until I reached the list of red hill wedding venues that I had any luck. As it turns out, six months out from a wedding is a little too late to start booking things such as venues! From what I heard, and what I researched, our venue will be beyond perfect, with gorgeous decorations, and super convenient location and plenty of space. I truly don’t know why we didn’t consider a Mornington Peninsula winery wedding to begin with!

Honestly, the biggest relief is that my future mother in law is happy, because goodness knows if this had dragged out any longer I might not even  have a wedding venue to speak of!