What Are The Requirements For Truck Driving in Victoria?

In Victoria, you are able to gain a Probationary Drivers licence for domestic vehicles when you are 18 years old. However, the rules are different if you want to drive a heavy vehicle.

Most trucks are classified as heavy vehicles that exceed 4.5 tonnes, and licenses to drive them are issued by VicRoads in five different categories. These categories represent different industry requirements and hence, varied criteria must be met to obtain a truck driving licence.

For light rigid (LR) and medium rigid (MR licence) vehicles, you will need to have held an Australian car driver licence for no less than 12 months. Heavy rigid (HR licence) vehicles require at least 24 months with a valid Australian car driver license before applying in the category.

Heavy combination (HC) vehicles require more perquisites for its licence application. Additional to the 24 months with an Australian car driver licence, you will need to have held a MR or HR licence for at least 12 months. This 12-month period can be comprised of a combination of both MR and HR licence categories.

Multi combination (MC) vehicles require you to hold a HC or HR vehicle licence for at least 12 months. This period can also be comprised by a combination of holding a HC or HR licences. Additionally, VicRoads requires you to have completed an approved driver training course to apply for an MC licence.

The great thing about getting your heavy vehicle licence in Victoria is that licences issued by VicRoads are recognised throughout Australia. However if you move interstate and reside there for more than three months, you will require a driver licence in that state.

Obtaining a truck driving licence is fair process. But it also highlights the importance for your safety and others that may be in proximity with you heavy vehicle. Heavy vehicles are no toys and great care should be taken to develop the proper skills with professional training.